About Arts for Health

There are many different descriptions used for this field of work (arts in medicine, arts in health, arts and health, etc) but essentially they are all about the effect that the active engagement in the art can have on the health and well-being of individuals and communities. As work in this field has grown, understanding and measuring of its impact has grown and there are now a number of researchers around the country (and world) investigating the impact that the arts have on health. New advances in neuroscience and the medical humanities continue to provide additional support for the arts on almost a daily basis.

So who does this type of work and what does it involve? There are a lot of different types of professionals who work in the arts for health. These include art therapists (art, music or dance) who provide services or manage healthcare programs, researchers and curators. There are also many individuals and organizations within the community who offer their talents to work with others to improve well-being. 
Arts for Health is involved in the following areas: Healing Environments, Participating HealthCare Programs,  Medical Humanities and Training Arts Therapists (Art, Music or Dance), Community Projects

Arts and Health and Well-being works!

There is a growing body of evidence demonstrating that engaging in arts-related activities has a therapeutic benefit that can improve health outcomes and increase well-being.
Arts for Health Florida strives to provide up-to-date research publications, case studies and links to more collective databases for supportive evidence based studies.  

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